Kabul-Istanbul Friendship Orphanage

Kabul-Istanbul Friendship Orphanage

Todays ‘orphans are the results of the last three decades of war in Afghanistan. Nowadays, thousands of orphans are   living   in a very bad economic condition in different provinces of Afghanistan.  A great percentage of these orphans are busy doing backbreaking labors in order to earn a living and make bread and butter. They do so because they are suffering from severe poverty. That is why majority of them have been deprived of education and therefore form the ordinary people of the country.                                                                                                                              

To help hundreds of orphans through cash programs and also to assist them continue their education, the Hadaf Cultural Foundation established the Kabul-Istanbul Friendship Orphanage in 2013 with the capacity of 100 orphan children in the city of Kabul. The nursery is a suitable place and fully equipped to meet the needs of orphans. Besides following, their educational plans, the orphans can also acquire other useful plans for enhancing their talents.                                                                                                       

The Kabul-Istanbul friendship Nursery was established with the financial help of IHH Charity Organization of our friend-country the Turkey, in 2013  and began its activities under the direction of Hadaf Cultural Foundation, in which students from different parts of the country are housed to be trained and get education. It is mentionable that the foundation houses children who do not have any guardians to look after them.                                                                                              

AZ Har Chaman Samani (a rose from every garden)

Kabul-Istanbul Friendship Nursery is like a full-view–mirror of the whole nation. The orphan children are chosen based on their talents and capabilities from various tribes of the country and are kept and housed in the nursery until they graduate from grade 12 and join universities.                                                                                                                   

Teaching Methodology

According to curriculum of the Ministry of Higher Education of Afghanistan, the students of Kabul-Istanbul Nursery study in public schools of Afghanistan  and are also taught religious aspect subjects and as well as scientific ones in particular times.

Food and other Services

Kabul-Istanbol Friendship Nursery is responsible for providing and maintaining students’ subsistence, and does its utmost to meet other needs of students like clothing, uniform, stationary and other necessities.    

This nursery has two cars that take the orphan children to schools and other places if they need to go.  The students of the nursery are also taken to historical and recreational places for sightseeing on off days and Fridays                                                    

The Number of Students in Orphanage

Kabul-Istanbul Friendship Orphanage was the host of 30 orphans in the year 2013, and this number increased up to 60 persons in 2014.The nursery can hold 100 orphans at the same time, but these expected numbers will gradually be completed till the year of 2016.