The legal entities (organizations):

In fact, in this section all of the people foundations, governmental organizations, the private organizations and the youths gatherings, besides promoting a good relationship with the Hadaf foundation; they all try to help financially in order to get the satisfaction of the poor families, guard-less families and the orphan children so that we all can accomplish a peaceful atmosphere where the needy families can step toward health, promotion and happiness.  

Non-cash donations:

The Hadaf foundation has established a very strong, constructive and useful relationship with the governmental organizations, companies, private organizations and public institution that this relationship has an important role in all activities of the foundation about the providing services for the orphan families. The establishment of transparency and certainty is one of its accomplishment. The other foundations can beside the having a good coordination with the Hadaf foundation they can also participate in providing humanitarian services for the needy and poor people.

Media Supporting:

Undoubtedly, mass media such as TV, radio, press and social media can play a valuable role in order to deliver information, culture, and combating poverty, therefore the Hadaf cultural foundation is informing and making the families and people aware of the bad aftermath of the poverty and its social impacts through having a good communication with the media. And the Hadaf foundation through this type of relationship can attract the supports of donors and organizations. 

In order to perform its responsibilities the Hadaf foundation is preparing documentaries, speeches and seminars regarding to complaining against the poverty in our society so that the honorable donors can help besides getting information.