The legal characteristics:

 As you respond to the call of help for those kind women who are guard-less and having orphan children which need food and shelter, God will give you a long-life support that you deserve for such a kind help that you have made for the needy people. 

Donating non-cash supports:

The satisfaction of needy people make us even stronger in providing good services when the donation packages of food are being distributed to the needy families and orphans. And all of the charity foundations, governmental and private organizations and individuals must kindly assist us in terms of delivering our donations.

Acceptance and admission of orphans:

The charity giver individuals can sponsor and take responsibility the orphans by paying at least one thousand Afs on monthly basis. It is mentionable that the rate of charity by the respected individuals depend on their own satisfaction. For more information the pious and respected individuals can get in contact with us by this cell phone number; 0780005388.

Charities and donations:

In this part, the honorable charity givers can donate their properties on weekly or monthly basis in order to support widows and orphan children whom they are in serious need of support, and by this act of piousness the charity givers can benefit intellectual helps. Donations and charities actually can solve a lot of problems for the needy people, and we hope the respected rich and charity givers pay more attention about this issue.