Iftari (breaking the fast) Program:

Iftari (breaking the fast) Program:

The issue of giving Iftar to the people who are fasting is one of the old Islamic traditions. It has been done by the Muslims in all the eras and centuries. It’s mentionable that this tradition has not only kept alive during the caliphates of Islam but has also remained strong during other periods and is existing now, too.                                                                                                                    

During this month, fasting people by overcoming their whims or worldly desires can polish their hearts from all kind of spites (rancor) and divisions. They can turn their enmities into sincerity and intimacy. The month of Ramadan is the best opportunity to change and is an excellent time for bringing unity in the hearts of Momineen (true believers of Allah).                                                                                              

The prophet of Allah (peace be upon him) pays special attention to this issue and orders Muslims to invite each other for Iftari because by doing so they can bring unity and integration amongst all parts of Muslims societies. He says, “Oh people! One who gives Iftar to a person who is in fast during the month of Ramadan; he gets such a reward as if he frees a slave and also forgiveness of his past sins.”                                                                                                             

 His companions said, “Oh the prophet of God, it is not possible for us to give Iftar (fast braking food) for a person.                                                                                                         

He said, “ be afraid of the Hell fire and make no wrong apologies for providing food for the people who are fasting, even if you can provide half of a date or a drink of water, do it; because by doing this you’ll receive a big reward.

Besides of other welfare programs of the Hadaf Foundation, thousands of other oppressed and poor people are brought under the coverage of Iftari programs of this foundation in different provinces.